Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When you enter the venue you will be directed to register your attendance. From here you will be given a scorecard for your dates, name tag, and a pen. After everyone is registered, a Speed Dating Host will give a speech explaining how the scorecards work, table arrangements and answer any final questions. You will then be directed to your table.

Your first date will start. After 4 and a half minutes a bell will ring. This signifies that the date will be finishing in 30 seconds and it’s time to start wrapping up the conversation. At the 5 minute mark the bell will ring louder. The date is now over. The gentleman will move to the next table. There will be several seconds to mark your scorecard and then your next date will begin. This process will repeat until break time or the end of the event. At the end of the event, a Speed Dating Host will ensure your scorecard is correctly filled out and collect it from you.

A Speed Dating host will continually observe to ensure proper table rotations and provide any assistance you may need. There will be two breaks during the night with shared plates served and a complimentary drink.

What type of people will I meet?

All sorts! From Architects to Nurses to Construction workers and everything in between. Who knows, you may even meet a dolphin trainer.

What are some Speed Dating Questions?

It could range from a favourite cat named Mr Bojangles to the best noodle bar in town. There are no hard and fast rules on what you should talk about. While we do encourage people to be unique in their questions, it’s best to draw off the chemistry between each other. Above all, remember to be yourself!

What should I wear?

The best rule of thumb is to wear smart casual. For the lads, think a collared shirt with a snazzy pair of jeans and a pair of dress shoes.  Ladies usually wear a dress or pants with a nice top.

How long does the night go for?

Approximately 3 hours. There will be two breaks in between with nibbles and a complimentary drink.

How do I keep up to date with the latest speed dating events?

Glad you asked! Click here to register your details.

How many people attend?

We like to cap the events at 20 guys and 20 girls.

Does it actually work?!

You betcha!

What happens after the event?

We’ll collect your scorecards and then hand it across to our trained monkeys to see who’s matched with you. Within 24 hours you’ll receive an email with your list of matches and their contact details. How exciting!

The rest is up to you …